An Introvert’s Introspective

anxietyThis anxious state is great,
It keeps the mind reactive;
The brain, toying with restraints
This, I find attractive

Combative, with uncertainty
Slipping through cracks of ideas
Walk among unearthly freaks
Bypassing the path of my peers

Mirrored only by the movements
Congruent to the gobsmacked,
Confused behavioral students
Master peripheral eye contact

Did they notice me,
Pretending not to notice them?
Do they know we are prone to be
introvertDescendants, into hopeless blends

Of perspiration? precipitation
Raining down on stress filled prose
Avoiding confrontation,
Situations that suppress the soul

Palms able to quench any thirst
Even the worst of tongues can take
Opinions locked in doubt,
Living wisdom that has gone to waste

Stuttered words resemble the steps
Left by a drunkard with vertigo
Just cuz silent tastes are kept
There’s no need to take it personal

paranoidInterlopers cannot understand…
But thank you for your attention, see
Only the kindred can comprehend
Our paranoia, to the Nth degree

Awkward times with compatriots,
Asylum’s hugged, don’t shun the empty
Unwilling to share with lots
Wise men’s thoughts, compiled a plenty

Not enemies, due to second guessing
Lessons put forth by best friends
Group hugs and suggestions
Samaritans, with good intentions

stressLove and bless them;
Voices of reason are pleasing to self
But, doves that are lonesome
Are not really in need of the help

We’ll let anticipation massage
What little courage we may have left
Slumbered watchmen gaze, abject
In a party of one, until our last breath