Mute Elation

half way to madness,
as the Cerberus emerges
new synapses collaborate
and genius converges

a cyclops is hatched
under incubated heaters
submerged in the vessel,
they’ll soon hark, ‘Eureka!’

displacement has made it
easier to leak out
as the pebble,
that causes tsunamis to reroute

peered doubt in the face,
monochromatic spectrums
bathed in the warm embrace
of holographic projections

visiting upon orbs,
they swarm around the orifice
originating from nothing
their assembly borders bliss

when situated inside
desolate, capitulated minds
articulated gears rotate
reticulating splines…

dine on the battlefield of vanity
there’s no room for the sorry
so, why would one invite
Moriarty to the party?

and pamper this nemesis,
engulfed in a benign substance
as gargoyles toil,
amongst the flying buttress

the voices keep suggesting
that it’s going to be ok
they’ve taken up residence,
refusing to pull up stakes

it aches to concentrate,
spent, can’t seem to focus…
the weak become heroes,
the bent, concede to dotish

anemics request warning labels
for their bubble wrap
outfitted garments cradle
the timid, with double straps

capped and wonderous vessels
sustain the appetite
colourful acquaintances nestle
sedate, then wake the night