Timed Trials

It’s been a long time… time waits for no man
Clocks hide faces and watches spot no hands
Brought forth in essence, the indelible nomad
With Ronin presence, in all of its true sense

The Riders of Rohan can’t track his movements
Despite improvements to match congruence
Rocket surgeon’s sooth sense prove the impossible
Through prudence, heightened blokes, and enlightened apostles

Children of stars beam with god-like complexions
Building bizarre speeches, in odd confessions
To reach parallels and move beyond progression
Each multiplies in size, to spawn succession

In a burst that rivals throngs of nanite drones
Sherlock and Spock tabled to talk up science
Sheep and wolves, that transcend man-like clones
Hybrids of Abel, unable to stop the violence..

Neanderthals pandering to the Men of Renaissance
Forming unions, in the colors of Benetton
Against simians moving weight inside of Kong’s claw
Godzilla laying waste, taking flames to Mothra

Burning away shadows on Peter Pan’s frame
As the boy grew up, struck, n’ bruk the damn game
Reigning on iron thrones, unknowns holding plans aimed
To handcuff handmaids and hamper a man’s gain

Adding Rambaldi functions to the Fibonacci sequence
Decipher the oddities ‘til roots are squared, seamless
Queue with Father Time, wind him up, unimpeded
Awaiting the next in line with an airing of the grievance

Squeeze each to pieces with a smothering love
Seek saves from Jeebus and bear hugs, from cherubs
Out of body dangles, as you hover above
The greatest golden rectangle that ever there was