The Wingless Man

paris-people-48.3Doing it in the park
Was something that always felt right
Blight shadows maneuver,
Proving days and spent nights

On benches with the avian
Staying well beyond their shelf life
Spoke to me, in fallacies
With the accuracy of a bent knife

wwordswoPoking me, erroneously…
How it dealt like their verbs hurt
Who are these Wordsworths?
Birds chirped in an absurd slurped,

Language, heard with burdened taint
Of carried baggage
Passenger pigeons over weight
So their carry-ons languished

JkkSb8mAs if flung crumbs reopened gapes
Made them ingest the sandwich
Survival is a noble fate,
Making hens invest in planning

Spanning the timeline’s space
Intertwined with enchantment
Fanning feathers and wine grapes
Ate, but now taken for granted

DSC_0162Wings stretch level towards the vapours
That they’ll crave for later
Fed off blessings from yes men,
‘stead of lessons of educators

Or soothsayers, with foresight
Arguing truth with a sleuth debater
Echoed in a soothing nature…
Fully aware that there’s nothing greater