Thoughts of an Electric Shepherd

insom3Go to bed, they said…
But, these rebels won’t release me
They assemble qualms, instead
Trembling devils shelved beneath me

I sleep well past the times, I find
While I’m awake
Dwelling solely on the now
And, how it all relates

insom4Need a break from the moon
My extolled soul she consumes
We embrace and then refuse
To let go of the hold, as we swoon

Runed views profoundly cluster
As if read aloud, in the dark
Compounds that strike the structure
Of verbs and nouns, fall apart

insom1What a shockingly spun angle
Clearly more than one can handle
Hooked ideas hung, in an ample
Abundance of spilling, rambled…

Choices, voiced in samples
Picked out, without deception
Anointed gospel of recollection
Idyllically devout with its selection

insom2Stupendous questions, come with calmness
But, the process hasn’t stopped yet
Dreaming of exotic topics
From divine down through the gothic

An honest day’s refresher
Painfully fails to slay conundrums
So these harvested nectars
And stained pages, became my fulcrum


Seeing Pandora

Fingers poised,
Eager to play her tune right
A petal’s caress is best
When accompanied by moonlight

Encased in her throne
A home, engrained with passion
Eager delusions of throes
Forecasting romancing

Dancing in my head,
But her feet never touch the surface
What’s the purpose
If you can’t act on those fucking urges?

Her smile emerges
From the earth’s bliss, like tulips
Cool dew drips
From the succulence of two lips

Too quick to embrace in a chase
Oh so foolish?
Shouldn’t assume it’s in vain…
To gain, is never useless

Prove this waltz of fault
Is not a stayed charade
To be delayed for decades
In a decayed masquerade

Her façade cracks,
Revealing unforeseen weakness
Only imperfect mirrors
Shape the truth, to receive it

Feeling those lamps fold
On eyelids, superimposed
A dream, once measured
As a treasure, enclosed

Never been long
For this moving picture show
But you’ll make the most
As long as the fixture glows

What do your dreams tell you?
What does the light project?
Are there monsters that bellow
Or are there heroes that protect

This vixen? stricken
With an affliction of beauty
Entrusted with a duty
To ravage mine, duly

Truly, wish to have her
Wound tightly round my spindle
Until the music softly travels
Unravels, ‘til it dwindles