◊  ARTIST: Té Esprit

◊  OCCUPATION: Writer, Lyricist, Artist, & Fine Art Smuggler

◊  ORIGINS: Té tends to think too much, thus he has a lot on his mind.  This site is dedicated to the perceptual release of said thoughts.

◊  HISTORY:  Going back to his roots; the artistic side of I had been neglected for far too long. Now, it is time to embrace it!

I have always had an abundance of ideas building up in this well-shaped head. Over the decades, he has dabbled in various forms of media, each providing an avenue with which all of that afformentioned tension could be released. Without that creative spout, Té doubts he’d be able to think straight half the time.

Master Esprit was a pretty hyperactive individual growing up, and some would say still is. Creative, yet discouraged. Eager, but lazy. Without that external ‘push’, things would tend to go unfinished.

When he was younger, Té thought himself how to draw. First, by tracing muscle-bound mofos in comics, then by drawing the pictures just from looking at them. Shortcuts and techniques were learned and while it was a long drawn out process, it proved to be a successful one.

After a few battles, Té got into a nice college and started applying his skills. While at school, he was exposed to many tools, including: blue screening, Director, Flash, Premiere, 3D Max, Illustrator and Photoshop. Té also dabbled in a little bit of painting, nude drawing and sculpting. All was fitting well, and some of his best work was made during those years.

Alas, a sporadic work ethic, coupled with the September 11th disaster, left our young maestro without any steady work in the field.

Eventually, Té went back to school for more technical training, all but abandoned the world of art.  From the summer of 2001, until the summer of 2008, he did not create a single drawing or graphic.  In hindsight, no one is quite sure why this was. It’s not as if Té gave up on the arts; there must have been a more nefarious reason behind it all.

During that period of time, Té really took up writing and occasionally performing. It was another great outlet for our artist, one that became a true tool of expression.  In this moment, we can immediately understand his mind state, and current situation in life, at the time, whenever one ingests one of his older scribes.

As for Té’s extended layoff from the visual arts, we shall simply attribute it all to a well-needed mental siesta. During those years, he grew as an individual and started to develop a more idiosyncratic style.

Instead creating a picture and trying to compare it to other works, he now choses to accept its flaws, if not totally embracing them.  Té was finally breaking free from his ‘perfectionist’ curse! This was a great moment for this renaissance man and really got the ball of creativity rolling, although… even now, Té tends to remain his own worst critic.

Next thing we knew, Té was pumping out new designs almost on a weekly basis. The difference with these ones now, as compared to their predecessors, was the incorporation of a more organic, and vitally personal style.

Today, whether it’s from drawing, poetry, graphic design or just making some funky fresh tunes, there are means to drive our subject away from the impending insanity, induced by thinking way too damn much! 🙂

The problem now was, Té had never really shared any of his creations with anyone, nor had he chosen to do much with them. Well, that shits done changed, starting from this point on (again, for the second time). Sure, it’s an obvious self-promoting tactic, but everyone needs a bit of narcissism in them!!!

So, we now take this opportunity to invite and implore all you inquisitive simians to enter the mind of Té Esprit, and see what junk has been bandying about in his impressively-developed cranium for all of these years.


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