Gulag Goulash: 2nd Bid (Revisited)

did a bid with Billy the Kid…
we ravelled in mischief and violence
so the warden had to divide us,
solitary confinement
while fellow inmates riot,
our rage remained quiet
in silence, alone in the dark
without a warm match to spark

until I harked back to the days
when I used to curse the sun
for being in my eyes
wish that ignorance was shun
until I spy why I must become wise…
And it’s wise
To become one with yourself
Possibly, better off for the health

But in that time my mind
Refused to share in its wealth
All stealth knowledge
Had been placed on a shelf
Never to be seen again
Dreaming of Toni Braxton
Ensure if I’ll ever breathe again
Metaphysical weakling

Demons turn their heads
And call me a heathen
Attempting to force a hand
Before the dagger’s out its sheath again
Cell’s unlocked, then I breathe again
No despair, no wickedness
in Hell left to rot, but now I see again,
With fresh air and vividness…


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