The Tetris Effect

when enveloped in the cross-eyed
visions of a blind man
the mind can
see a lot of things, defining
what makes up the pieces
of humanity’s psyche;
what makes us stand tall,
and fight, or flee?

and rightfully so,
we question our morality
while others would gladly
contribute to the mortality rate
raising like the gate
of a jaw bridge,
demented men who hate
want cut us up like sausage

innocents are falling…
like leaves in autumn,
careless whispers in the wind
distant calls of ravens cawing
eyes shift slightly,
with an erratic twitch
a new glitch,
ingest sounds at a mute pitch

senses get blurred,
consuming this newness
fused together, no separation,
can’t refute this…
we are visual creatures
and most of what is seen
can easily be deemed
as illusions of reality

we cerebrally control
all the objects we’re seeing
leaving out parts
too disturbing to believe in…
cerebrally controlling
like meditative breathing
until reality is blurred
and articles are repeated


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