What Resides Inside the Trojan Horse

diagnosed with a severe case
of rot writer’s block,
visual prose seem erased…
thoughts siphoned off,

confounding to think straight,
they say it might be shock
counting sheep, awake
dismay, inside the flock

defaced by idle talk,
can’t spin letters together
stuck holding cans
line’s are cut and severed

typeface tender, now
originate lost sources
frustrates to render how
maps illustrate crossed courses

some sections aren’t on it
aims reach an abrupt end
dull to pinpoint logic
maimed, with a blunt pen

strong men seek refuge
between the leafs of inspired
hoping then for rescue
redeemed inside brief desire

within reach, is ire
becomes an unproven mirage
pinned beneath barbed wire
spun in a soothing massage

but I’m proving it wrong, damn it
refusing to be defeated
cut through throngs of panic
choosing weakness for deletion


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