Gulag Goulash: Last Call (Revisited)

awoken near gallows,
mangled by reality’s strangles
mirror reflections allow you
to see from all angles
dangling bed sheets,
beneath, men creep…
manage not to walk chest first
into a sheath, exposed

cellular decay…
as the remains erode
wild oats once sewn,
now decompose
never chose to wind up
in a state, as such
lived only for the future,
but never thought of it much

and thus, you’re restrained
chained to carnal crows
soon to be tamed
in a carnival show
as a caged animal,
hit with cannibal prose
long, sharp claws
to tear at the soul

truly boxed in,
as the calendar shows
locked in a fate
that you never would suppose
but lo and behold,
this is where you’re sleeping
until your last hours
when Grim comes reaping


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