Fractional Fractals

it’s been right here…
just beyond the peripheral
not evidently clear
but, hardly its dismissable

simply clicks away
to reach the individual
an analog soul,
who exists up in this digital

a riddle of oddity
that’s shown off, awesomely
whose tangibility’s obviously
an unknown commodity

ubiquitously searching
its origins of solvency
merging with the quantity,
clandestinely drawn to see

but honestly,
until inquirers mark hard
they won’t recognize
it’s one of the brightest among stars

equivalence of brilliance,
much like firefly sparks are
forcibly restrained, contained
dormant, in dark jars

or parked car places
allotted existence, is tiled
in framed, pixeled matrix
a dotted consistence, compiled

assimilating greatness
creates persistence to smile,
Locutus’ brain awakens!
sedates resistance… futile


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