Atheos Congressor Cum Deus ex Machina


If you could ask god one question
What would it be?
Would you ask him what’s the purpose
For your pain and misery?

Seeing the earth’s surface stained,
You glare at it grimly
A superfluous blood reign
On both time and history

Would you ask why you were put here?
What was the intention
Of leaving you in fear
Without direction, nor protection?

No divine intervention
To circumvent your transgressions
A strong-willed atheist
Left to your own discretion

And, would you also mention
The forever-constant tension?
Having your ability to grow
Stuck in animated suspension

With no relenting,
Would you stand face-to-face
Demanding to know
Why he created this messed up place?

Why create time and space
Then vanish, without a trace?
Why not show your face
And put an end to the waste?

Why should man ask for forgiveness?
When he neglects your children
Take care of your business
Fix this mess.. you did this!!!

They’ll tell you to that church
Can make us all brethren
But, prayer and worship alone
Can’t diminish your sins


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