Fantastic Human Torches

Personified, with the might
To grant cavemen the insight
To cook their food right,
Keep warm, and see through the night

They breathe in a fright…
Inhaling smoke,
Making them choke, with a demonist bite
Got a grievance, but no rights

I’ve ended the lives of many witches
Placed burnt carcasses in many ditches
And singed the hairs of any bitches
Playing with me, not listening to their keepers

Viewing my glistening reflection
In their mesmerized peepers… Jeepers!!!
I thought they told you not to play with matches?
Now skin bubbles, as a result of your actions

Asking, if you’re ready to learn
About how steadily I burn?
Then come enter the hell’s center
But, you’d better be concerned

It’ll be your pyre, with a pyrotechnic messiah,
Spitting embers mixed with saliva
To burn your ass alive…
Aaaaaaaaaaah! Live forever…

Like fame and eternal flames
Etched into the psyche
Of those that don’t like me, like Jesse James
Used to place blame on those who perish the same
Charcoaled remains, placed in shallow graves

Unstoppable flames, burn like Noxzema
Placed on the faces of survivors from Hiroshima
Scorched below, with all the cold non-believers
The flesh begins to smell drenched in kerosene urns


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