Birds and the Killer B’s (Revisited)

Been compelled to Bescribble
Riddles and tales that have Been
Counted from Before,
Left to right, like the Beads

Used by Bearded Bean counters
Surrounding an abacus
Bedazzled, but not rattled
Because they can adjust

Beazulbub Beseeches
That we must Bequeath a thesis
To the Belligerent Beatniks
A Belief, in false precepts

Yet even a congested Beagle
Could smell through the deceit
Trickery, mimicking the legal
Beer-goggled people, Become discreet!!!

As the Beast from Beneath
Beats it’s chests and bears teeth
Beheld killer, Bewildered
By the streams of bloody Beef

Of the innocent, isn’t it Befit
The more that we reason…
The more it Behooves us
To Behead the Behemoth?!

This is the Be-all and end-all
Of what is to Become
But Before one can Begin
They must reject the scum

To Believe that we exist
Betwixt the ugly untruthfuls
Besmirching the glorious
Beams of the Beautiful

Not the usual Beacons
That can Be seen from all regions
Befuddled by reason, Beaten
Into the psyche, for seasons

Behaviour has Begun
and spun synthetic ideals
Concealed in Beakers Below,
Until it’s point can Be revealed


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