Star Trekking:One

Peering through particles of cosmic dust
To see what’s out there, it’s simply a must
Can’t trust everything seen through the retinas
Who knows what’s hidden under Kennedy Space Center?

Or in the fallout bunkers of Area 51
Maybe aliens, flying saucers and ray guns?
The truth is out there, if questions are asked
Set out to explore this vast expanse

Blast off, no fear, through the planet’s atmosphere
Past the stratosphere, who knows what happens here
It’s not easily known as you travel faster
Light begins to bend around the dense matter

Of black holes, and gas giants
Gravity attracting, reacting to the violence
Of atoms colliding, creating explosions
Bone erosion, arriving… radiation, exposing

Supernovas, imploding… skewing the axis
Its energies soaring, overlapped in an eclipse
Can’t resist to stare at the sun’s solar flares
roam large like polar bears, resembling golden hairs

With semblance of tears from screams in outer space
Unseen waves stream free, without a trace
The knowing of it’s clear, fear not what is beyond
The unmapped stars, wielding light like a baton


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