Half-Full Glass of Wonder

When did future turn to after?
Where did it all go?

How could this have truly happened?
They simply do not know.

Everything was going right.
But that was in the past.

Now that past is out of sight.
But, might not be the last.

The last chance to look back.
Gaze with reflection, not regret.

Grasp onto mistakes of the past.
Gain retention of the opposite.

Turn transgressions into lessons.
As one learns, one shall grow.

Earn mention, without question.
A suggestion to behold.

It’s much too late to retract.
There’s no old, silver DeLorean.

To bring lovers and mates back.
Just let go, it was nice knowing them.

Appreciate what is here.
Embrace what’s soon to come.

Just as these moments disappear.
Haste is made, for other ones.

Each happening is special.
Unique in breadth, rich in feeling.

Actions and credentials.
Speak on characters, revealing.

Will you squander this next chance?
Will you ponder with ingenuity?

Do you query the circumstance?
Or seize upon opportunity?


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