Writing from the Doldrums – 1

Back from vacation and feeling slightly haunted today. Sitting down at a desk, staring at multiple screens, just isn’t cutting it right now.

Days ago I was walking barefoot in rain forests… now, I’m staring at SQL.  Ugh…

So, I’ve decided to embark on some mental exercises to keep things fresh.  A break from the mundane; something to let the thoughts out, before they take over and consume.  And so, I’ve decided to have ‘writing exercises’ whenever this sort of feeling takes over.

Just a steady stream of words, rhyming or not…  First things that come to mind, no proofreading, no rewriting.  Here’s the first attempt:

I’m not really sure
As to where this one’s going
Just going to close my eyes and type,
Keep it all flowing

As if I was all-knowing,
Supplying tidings of truth
Connected like the dots
Or in a telephone both

To reach out and touch one
Each of you, plus one
From strangers by dozens
To family and cousins

Was one with the Nature
As I walked her paths, barefoot
Chiseling mind blocks
Running deeper than hair roots

In rare grooves, I heard beats
That moved me, so smoothly
They lead me to seek pleas
That’s where all of the clues heed

Ignored, foolishly
But, it wasn’t intentionally
It’s just that Serendipity
Had failed to mention me

Is it possible to be missed?
When the omnipresent residents
Don’t know that you exist

Just another other dot
To be pinned down by pricks
Upon a mapped out compass
Burden with pins to be affixed

Something went amiss,
But I’m not allergic to salvation
Just some time to heal slits
With detergents and vacation

The situation’s now revealed
As if peeled from under t-shirts
A new deck shall soon deal
Predetermined courses, reworked


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