Might As Well Go For a Soda

Dedicated to: Benny Sings, Johnny Walker, Don Julio, Facundo Bacardí, John Labatt, Charles Tanqueray, Jose Cuervo, Captain Morgan, Jack Daniels and Billy Dee Williams!!! And all others that have been there in times of need…

Been told more than once
That it’s become an addiction
Chose to ignore that fluff,
Just dismiss that as fiction

Didn’t want to listen, to those
That were kicking ornery
And ripping solely
Got vex, as they acted flippant… holy!

Stating it was done too much
And be damned with limits
As if he’s living it rough
Too in touch with wrong “spirits”

But, the vision, it would clear it
Or at least that’s what was thought
Never thought it was that bad
Because, it was hardly ever bought

Got caught in the mix of the lix
As he fought…
This liquid, the ‘fix’
That made his belly rot

Done sought different methods
To escape its grasp
Just as sudden, spun back
Attacked by relapse

Now perhaps… it wasn’t as bad
As they had all said,
Never found him laying gutters

So instead, he heads back
To the store for more
Since fallen two shots back
It’s time to settle the score


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