John Dalton’s Dreamcast

Clouds form,
The rain does pour
Can’t stare at the sun
‘Til your eyes get sore…
There’s no old man
In the bed, that snores
And this ain’t song and dance
About a chance to call for

A reason to believe in
Fairytales anymore
Bones are aching,
Feel it down to the core
Bodies are reeling,
Been through many wars
But it ain’t arthritis
No scars, battle worn

Drowned, pores need time
But there’s only twenty-four
That’s steps, not hours
To reach a sturdy floor
Ground, puddles surround
Splashing in wordy scores
Compliments with a sound
Found to turn the oars

Of the stagnate,
And just like early morn
The skies open up
Erupts, and opens doors
One shows heaven
The others are forlorn
They’ll be back to attack
While hailing down storms


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