The Mondegreen in Action (Revisited)

Hear awesome lines
That might ache sum ream member inn
Like a miss poking frays
From Burt Blyleven

Reach out with ten tickles
Rip pulls, pee pill den eye sending
But, that’s a bahhh’d egg sample
It stinks two high heaven

Eat it up,
Like a fig, year off speech that
Is crew shell lee hidden in udders
Hope you can seed at

I’m just peak king with tulips
And a flowery tongue
Prone ounce sing sick lick Ollie
Go wing around the full crumb

It all deep ends,
How a cute ewe are two wit
Lie cack wah tick Cree chairs
With plastic doll fin muse sick

If not, it’ll bound soft
Like Rick O’Shea
Project tiles shoe doubt
At a king the Jah cough fall trades

All be it, urine trouble
If you get dim pissed off
That prick is as cents less
As Eric Bischoff

So divvy us and cold
The weigh is ice cream
Not annex odd tick dish
Of a pet I sing fried beans

Width a stuff he knows
Make sitar dew breathe
Suffocating fray grants
Of strait pompous city

Baring mined, the youth in Asia
Real easing chilled wren, spurning
Not a cross-eyed bear…
Don’t care four the bird den


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