Frigid Digits… like Brrrrrr!

damn this old winter
can’t stands it no mo’
making my daily commutes
slower than slow

by the time I get home,
i’ll be older than mold
i’m no eskimo,
and have no desire for cold

it’s hard enough to function
when it’s 40 below
so, whose idea was it then
to bring in this snow??????

and fools that don’t know
how to navigate roads
should ship their sorry souls
off to the north pole

take it all away
and treat it like rain
chant to have it come
again, some other day

ok, it’s dark when we leave home
the same upon return
wishing on a star
for a little more burn

bring back the warmth
bring back the sunlight
seems summer’s the only
season, done right

and one might question
the sanity to live there
instead of seeking out
hibernation, with bears


6 thoughts on “Frigid Digits… like Brrrrrr!

  1. oh my! thats some kind of photos! last weekend it was like that in my place and thankfully its raining now though quite cold

    the last part is what i so love, of sanity and of hibernation – so witty

  2. This made me smile and laugh while appreciating the irritation and anger. Out here in the Pac NW we hardly ever get substantial snow…except for the week of Thanksgiving. So it shut down Seattle because of the ice and snow and idiot idiot drivers. Augh. Looking back, I can smile and your poem reminds me that we have made it through.

    Thanks! (And thanks for visiting me the other day.)

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