Ode Du Soleil

Mesmerized by your ability
to peak through…
The clouds, aren’t invisible
And hardly see through

The warmth you provide,
If only we knew
The gift bestowed steadily
on down to Peoples

Feeble attempts to block out
Undoubtedly foolish,
Unless you’re for the darkness
And all of its ‘coolness’

Dark druids promote this
Checking out who’ll switch
Gone from worshiping Ra
To embracing Anubis

Who’s this enemy
Causing an eclipse?
Robbing us of our remedy
His name can’t leave lips

Still powerful enough, though
To make the moon shine
With a drunken glow
Hope to see you, in due time

Once the night has disembarked
To the other side…
Gunna break on through
From the horizon, you’ll rise

We’re all star babies
And you’re the closest one to us
Harboring life and nurturing
With abilities to rule, just


3 thoughts on “Ode Du Soleil

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