A Taste You Can’t Touch

listening to something 
wondering how
this existence exists,
it’s sobering now

to ponder what is,
what was, what’s to become
to calculate it all
and divide into sums

place them in places
that somehow make sense
and with gifts you possess
scribe them in text

resisting the urge
to rant and postulate
forsaking an awakening
of doltish stagnates

until it can demonstrate 
the root of said truths
instead of displaying
rotten strange fruit

but who shall say
what are lies vs. fact
and who shows the way
or stays on this path

with persistence,
mixed with a desire to change
fight with resistance
to raise the ire of strange

yet never deranged creatures
with features askew
morphing into pupils
to be born anew


25 thoughts on “A Taste You Can’t Touch

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  2. Beautiful poem, even though the title reminded me of a certain song line, “and this is a beat you can’t touch! Hammer time!”
    But seriously I loved this poem.

  3. listening to something
    wondering how
    this existence exists,
    it’s sobering now..

    perfect opening….
    well penned poem, keep it up…

    let me know if you wish to attend poets rally week 34.

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    • Thanks, Jamie! Reading aloud is something I truly need to work on. Apparently, I have been gifted with a “voice for radio”, so I need to make movements! 🙂

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