Rambles of a Vulcan Cannibal

Diabolical enemies
Get blasted
With hydraulic energy
Flowing endlessly,
Like water…
It flows more fluid
Than liquefied druids
With battery packs included
That it runs hotter

Than even the deepest reaches
Of Guatemala
Sgt. Slaughter’s Cobra Clutch
Clutches upon ya
Like a snake bite
And not a toothless Kamala
Instead it’s ruthless
Too tools who bring the drama

Like this was some sort of
Days of Our Lives,
Must strive to live right
And stay outta sight
Of those foes who oppose
Like thumbs to digits
These dumb midgets
Are sworn to defend

An immense, 
Defenseless argument
‘Tired of the beatings,’
They’re asking, ‘are you, yet?’
Spent time ruffling the feathers
Of birds that talk
With vastly ill logic
And that’s word to Spock

Get dropped, atomically
Dunce caps
Are topped, symbolically
Once that
Helmet is knocked off
Seen a resemblance
Sent back to Caledon
Like a defeated Daedalus


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