Orwell’s ’84: Minipax and Minitrue

Just when you thought it was safe
Eastasian armies,
Swarm the city…
And over take the capital
Leaving waste
To ligaments and shrapnel
With ample time to find those
Below in manholes

Lobbing bombs at Party Members
And damned Proles
Discombobulated movements
Of tadpoles
Little freedom that you do have
You should be thankful
No symbolic iron
Shackled to ankles, meanwhile…

Undercover Brother Sleuths
Are out searching for the truth
As to ‘what exactly is democracy?’
And does it hold honesty
Or just another breeding ground
For hypocrisy?,
It’s not 1984, but Big Brother’s
Still watching me

Trying to avoid His glare
Moving around hopscotchingly…
Look… Stop watching me!
I got to be who I ought a be
And I’ll lock and knock the knees
Of thee standing across from me
Plus, gladly hand ye
Your ass, single-handedly

With rope tying my wrist
Can’t resist from grabbing me
Chewing the noose, till it’s loose
With my jaws, mandible-y
Candidly, lounging
In the forest’s canopy
Standing three times higher

Than a squire, with his nose in the air
Inhaling despair,
Treachery, so near you can stare
Through it, like you viewed it
Through the looking-glass
You took a pass…
Chill Winston!
It’s not your turn to ask

Relapsed back to that point when
Heroes were anointed
For leaving the bad men
With limbs, that looked doubled jointed
Horribly, disfigured
From twisting in the wind
Now we bet on the Boogie Man
And cheer for him to win

Sin has replaced
The face of what is favoured
Nobody wants to savour
Your goody-two-shoes flavour
Misbehaviour is the choice
That the voices tell us to take
Now all workers assemble
For the next 2 Minutes Hate!!!!!!!


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