Shades of Green

they block my view
with faceless, grey walls
that say nothing to me
except, “post no bills”

where is all the colour, too
along with the calls
to endow them with graffiti
for need of a thrill

even the sapling resists
this invasion of pale tones
blades of grass overwhelm
with a slow press up

seemingly, grappling to exist
leaving cracks along grey stone
mother nature takes the helm
you can tell she’s fed up

in contrast, there’s glowing
brighter than nature’s smile
infected by the rainbows
projected by the neon sparks

twisted tubes of argon, flowing
mighty, but not in an innate style
neglected just the same though
as the trees beyond the park

so here we are, futile
dodging truth’s line of fire
the cause of this struggle
of grey versus green

will we become neutral
allow things to turn dire
or fix this mixed puzzle
creating a harmonious scene


One thought on “Shades of Green

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