A Candy Cavalcade

burnt yellow buzzer’s broken down
after years of abuse
pounding neglect,
refuse, scattered about…
but, the gate is unlocked
like much of what’s here
it has failed to protect
and keep residents clear

of present danger from strangers
and the boogie man, too
that aim is sprayed over
by poverty’s spew
now foot, over foot, climbing
six flights, caked with stains
from those barely surviving
not moving up, to gain

approaching the top step,
yet it’s far from the pinnacle
a teenage basehead’s begging
he wants change, it’s pitiful
he is bypassed, ignored
sidestepped as others do
out of sight in light’s shadow
still wonder, where’s his other shoe?

surveying 603’s portal
burdened with four locks, slightly ajar
marred with odorous protrusions
so shocking, even from afar
a tv screams of hope and
the incoherent ramblings
scheming for you to get paid
the words of a winner, gambling

that any cockeyed viewer
will part with their slim earnings
and send them forth
neglecting need for furnace burnings
offering promises of dominance
and untold riches,
but this is already off track
and so it switches

speaking of which
on a pale white arm there are many
these ones lead to no man’s land
simply not to be envied
slow pan zoom
into the midst of this filthy room
through the same appendage, does protrude
something like a plume

though, it can’t rival peacock feathers
drool seeps through leather
how could this ever…?
all used to say, “he’s so clever”
here, witness the crack addict
od’ed on a reclined craftmatic
his insecure life, shattered
by an obscure smart aleck

who introduced infinite spheres
sitting forever sideways
made him get on a high train
to crash, then scour byways
seeking handouts for greenbacks
loose change and pity
collecting just enough
to gain, but not retain actually

the trapped, ghetto vet
he paid less attention than his rent
choosing instead to board
and avoid all paths that circumvent
his path to freedom
an opportunity to derail
the white, rocky trails
and the hazards they entail

whether they were swiftly inhaled
throw plastic or currency
or physically impaled
with elastic and urgency
into the skin, he’d convulse
and that led to his ending
already know the results
without autopsy pending…

remembering when there was hope
of a limitless future
a thought, barely held together
by weakened sutures
that were strained, torn asunder
through bewildering choices
near his end, he often wondered
why couldn’t these voices

leave him be?
allow him to sleep, without dreaming
no nightmares or terrors
to wake up to, screaming
so now, there’s no strife
alas, it was too late to find
that his state in life
reflected his own state of mind


3 thoughts on “A Candy Cavalcade

  1. Just want to say what a great blog you got here!
    I’ve been around for quite a lot of time, but finally decided to show my appreciation of your work!

    Thumbs up, and keep it going!


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