It’ll Take a Nation of Millions…

Lobbed rocks tossed
Stopped at road blocks
Hurling shots, at rogue cops
From the bus stop, shelter
Standing across them
Squeezed in the center
Are degrees of suspension
Tension, will get ya

This is the riot
That shall end all riots
The time when we find out
Who’ll remain vibrant
The power of authority
Ignoring it’s peers
But, these rebels won’t tremble
Under the fear

This is Tiananmen Square
All over again
Across the tanks, he glares
As they’re rolling to him
Gunna mash him like dough
And a rolling-pin
But we’ll knock down our foes
Like bowling pins

Riot police, with batons
They stand, wielding
Faces concealed in
Masks and shields, when
Trying to push back
But we won’t yield, man
We’re on the attack
Until the truth’s revealed, then


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